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Wine Sampling


Perched high up on the southerly slopes of the Dordogne Valley, Saussignac is synonymous with wine.  It has been for many years.  Its eponymous sweet wine is well known but its 'terroir' has, in recent years, become a breeding ground for an increasingly environmentally conscious group of wine growers.  As a result of this, almost 60% of wine produced locally is certified organic or 'bio'.  

Located on a ridgeway that links the Bergerac wine region to its more famous, world-class Bordeaux wine region, Le 1500 guests have access to an incredible amount of excellent wine, wine tours and chateau visits.

We can arrange a whole host of wine related activities for our guests.  A 10 minute walk from the property is an excellent wine school that offers half-day to one week long wine courses with recognised accreditation.  In addition to less formal tastings, we can organise wine tours further afield that take you to some of the more well known Chateaux of St Emilion, Bordeaux and the Medoc.

In itself, St Emilion offers not only some of the best Bordeaux wines known to man, but is a wonderful half-day trip from your base at Le 1500, full of history with stunning views across the surrounding vineyards and the Dordogne Valley beyond.

La Cite du Vin, Bordeaux

Housed in an iconic piece of architecture designed by French architectural company, XTO, located on the banks of the Gironde river in Bordeaux's city centre, La Cite du Vin opened to rave reviews in 2016 and is the world's preeminent museum of wine.  It provides an immersive, fun and gently educational tour through the world of wine from 6,000 BC to today.  With an exhibition space occupying more than 3,000 m2, twenty different themed areas invite visitors to take a voyage of discovery and enjoy a truly unique experience exploring the many and varied facets of wine across time and space.  There's also a fabulous Belvedere wine bar on the top floor, giving a stunning panoramic view over Bordeaux.

Local Chateaux

Red Wine Tasting

As a small local business ourselves, we are passionate about supporting other small local businesses.  Our restaurant serves wine from producers who are walkable from the property.  And some of our favourite wine tasting experiences are a mere five to ten minute walk from the property.  It's difficult to choose a favourite but there is a wide variety of experiences available for our guests, depending on what you're looking for.  A few of our favourites include Chateau de Fayolle, Chateau Feeley, Chateau Thenac, Chateau La Tour Monestier, Chateau Lardy and Chateau Le Tap.  But there are many others.  Let us organise something unforgettable for you.

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