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Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

When we were looking for the perfect vacation home back in 2010 we scoured the southern half of France from Limoges to Lyon,  Montpellier to Pau and from Toulouse to Bordeaux.  Then completely by chance, we stumbled upon Saussignac.  A small village.  Nearby amenities. Beautifully placed on top of a hill overlooking mile upon mile of vineyards.  Our zigzagging the French countryside, particularly here in the South West of France uncovered for us the most diverse and rich array of culture, history, topography, villages, Chateaux, customs and events that I'd know in more than thirty years of visiting and living in France.  The scent of the French countryside was overwhelming.  The taste of its produce exquisite.  We had, quite by chance, discovered the real France.  Where markets are authentic, the food is organic, villages remain original, people smile, the vines are lush and the sky is blue. 

Welcome to the South West of France.

Wine Sampling
Flower Market
Cycling Group
Beach day






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