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A six-day residential retreat where you'll establish a bespoke nutrition plan to meet your personal goals, relax with ayurvedic massages and energy healing, accompanied by a healthy ayurvedic-inspired meal plan.  And there's nothing wrong with sampling a glass or two of one of our delicious local organic wines along with your meals whilst you enjoy the very special bespoke hospitality on offer from your hosts at Le 1500.

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PRICE:  From €1650 per person


Six nights' accommodation / Breakfast & Lunch daily / Welcome dinner with local wines /  Four further Evening Meals / Two Personalised Nutrition Planning Sessions / One Energy Healing Session / Two Massages* / Walks & Market Tour / Wine Tasting / Ad Hoc Tailored Consultations 

* Further private massages are available for an additional fee at preferential rates

Each guest will received a personalised programme for the week.  The following is a guideline for reference only.

DAY 1.  Check in from 15h00.  Relax & Acclimatise.  Welcome Dinner including wine 19h30

DAY 2.  08h00 Breakfast.  10h00 Group Introduction &  Goal Planning.  12h00 Lunch.  14h00 - 18h00 Massages & Individual Nutrition Consultation.   19h30 Tapas Night at Le Cafe 1500

DAY 3.  08h00 Breakfast.  08h30 Chateau de Gageac Walk.  09h30 Massages & Individual Nutrition Consultation.  11h00 Healthy Food Preparation Class.  12h30 lunch.  14h00 Energy Healing & Individual Nutrition Consultation.  18h00 Wine Tasting, Chateau de Fayolle.  19h30 Nutrition Booster Supper Party

DAY 4.  08h00 Breakfast.  09h00 Personalised SMART planning.  10h00 Massages or Energy Healing.  12h30 Lunch.  14h00. Massages & Energy Healing.  17h00 Plant Based Nutrition Presentation.  19h30 Free evening (Private Dinner available on request)

DAY 5.  07h00 Early Bird Boucle de Saussignac Walk.  08h00 Breakfast.  08h30 Market Visit.  09h30 Massages & Energy Healing.  11h00 Nutrition Consultations.  12h30 Lunch.  14h00 Massages & Energy Healing.  16h00 Personalised SMART planning.  18h30 Cocktail Hour.  19h30 Dinner at Le Cafe 1500

DAY 6. 08h00 Breakfast.  09h00 Massages & Energy Healing.  10h00 Personalised SMART planning.  12h30 Lunch.  14h00 - 18h00 Massages & Energy Healing.  19h30 Farewell Dinner Party


DAY 7.  10h00 Depart Le 1500 (or talk to us about extending your stay into the weekend or even the following week at preferential rates)



CEDRIC CARPANEDO.  Cedric joins us from Montpellier where he has a private practice and has, for the past five years, been and Instructor and Coordinator at the University of Minnesota Program in Montpellier.  Cedric's expertise and experience is unrivalled in his field and he brings with him a holistic approach to healing and stress relief through the use of ayurvedic Abhyanga and Marma stimulation massage.

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EMMA PENROSE.  Emma moved to France in 2011 - a move that changed the way she approached life in many ways.  With a healthier, more active lifestyle she noticed how an improved diet affected her health and energy levels dramatically for the better and set herself the goal of educating herself professionally.  Emma is now a fully certified nutrition and lifestyle coach who spends much of her time helping others to realise their own health goals.

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